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Offer Validity

01 Aug 2018 - 31 Dec 2020
  1. Go to https://www.giftmyemotions.com/?tracking=5b910ca48e71e
  2. Select any product which you want to deliver.
  3. Enter date of delivery and click buy now to add product to cart.
  4. Click Use Coupon Code BHIMUPI22 & BHIMUPI15
  5. Coupon code will be applied and discounted price will be displayed.
  6. Click checkout and enter order details.

In case of any failure / non-acceptance of BHIMUPI coupon code kindly email us at contact@loofre.com

  1. Payment mode is online by UPI users
  2. No two offers can be combined.
  3. One Coupon is valid for a single purchase only.
  4. All Purchases will have to be made online on the "www.giftmyemotions.com"
  5. All orders would be subject to availability at the time of purchase and will be governed by the standard terms and conditions www.giftmyemotions.com.
  6. Extra Delivery Charges may be applicable if the dispatch location is far from delivery address.